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Given the name Robyn Simmons at birth I arrived into this world during the era of Rock ‘n Roll, an era of free thinking and wild spirited change.  I am blessed to have grown up in the rolling grasslands of Kwa-Zulu Natal, as well as spending holidays amidst the Fynbos and mountains of the Cape. All the bits and bobs in between are just ‘has been stories’ and are not relevant.

As an avid photographer, I am always in the natural world capturing the gifts which present themselves, particularly the fynbos flowers and the great Atlantic Ocean This is my playground that I share with all.

What is important is my vision for Wide Open and that is quite simply put, To share my passion of Wide Open spaces, the essential beauty, intricate balances and multiple layers of our Fynbos. To enter quiet places, without the clutter and noise of busy-ness, in order to really connect with Joy, inner peace and to feel alive.  

Who and What is Wide Open?

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