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Last Chance to see Elim Fynbos

Your energetic host, Gerhardt van Deventer, is passionate about sharing his beautiful farm of protected Elim Fynbos. 

This adventurous experience will get you into the Fynbos so that you can touch and feel these beautiful flowers and possibly get some pollen on your nose!

For our wheelchair users, we have made a plan so that you can experience this tactile outing. Just leave the logistics to us.

This Elim experience includes a delicious lunch, straight from Gerhardt's garden and onto your plate. 

This unique Fynbos is under serious threat from alien invasive populations encroaching, Farming and the demand for these soils as well as over picking of these flowers for the markets. Sandberg's fynbos is in tact, hence the last chance to see this biome in it's entirety. 

Advanced booking is essential for this adventure.

Elim fynbos, Sandberg,pincushion, Leucospermum, accessible travel
Protea aspera, fynbos, Elim,
Erica appulacea, accessible travel, Elim fynbos,
Erica bruniiades, Elim fynbos,
Paranomus, Elim fynbos, accessible travel, Sandberg
Erica bruniifolia, Elim fynbos, accessible travel,
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