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Following the Fynbos

I am passionate about the cloth that drapes our mountains around us and love sharing the intricate relationships and layers of our Fynbos.  We are blessed to have such incredible diversity right on our doorstep and so don’t have far to travel to be seduced by this wonderland.

We will get you out of the car and assist you so that you will be right in the middle of the medicine of Fynbos. To be able to appreciate and witness the diversity of these tough and individually different plants with their delicate flowers and unusual pollinators, is an extraordinary experience. Whether we go up the mountain slopes, along the coast or into the rolling hills with magnificent ancient rock structures, the Fynbos will show off her essential splendour for you to engage with every in-breath you take.

Accessible for All. We do have an offroad 3xwheel wheelchair - just bring your cushion along!

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4 x4 road, wildflowers, wide open spaces, environment
Fynbos, Wildflowers, Elderly, looking at flowers, walking sticks,
Wildflowers, Fynbos, bush
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