Ancient Forest Experience 

This ancient and unique lowland Afromontane forest has some true giants nestling among the younger trees. They come in the form of Milkwoods, Hard Pears, White Pears and White Stinkwoods and they have had their roots in this forest floor for many thousands of years. A true gem to visit.

The forest is filled with Life in every form, shape and sound. A quiet time in among the trees can be hugely healing and we encourage you to take a slow pace in order to absorb this ancient medicine, bird song and possibly witness an elusive Cape Leopard.  We will help you move through the trees so that you can tune into the sounds and truly gain from this outing.

Platbos forest, wheelchair accessible, forest, Overberg,
Forest, lichen, Platbo Forest,
Milkwood Forest, wheelchair friendly, Platbos Forest.
Ancient Milkwood, Platbos Forest, Forest canopy, Overberg