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Beach Experience - get some vitamin sea!

An  4x4 trip to a quiet beach for a picnic, throw in a line, touch, smell and feel the ocean or just to catch some sunrays!  This is a personalised wheelchair adventure, so leave the logistic to us. Just remember to bring your hat!

We will bring along all the requirements needed for the outing including sunscreen, a delicious picnic basket, lots of water. as well as your list of needs. If you decide you want to fish we will even bait up and cast your line for you to catch your supper! 

The best way to experience the natural environment is to access deserted beaches filled with the sounds of sea birds and waves. We have a specialised floating wheelchair and the adventure is suitable for frail, visually impaired, wheelies and seniors.

Choose a half or full day experience.

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Beach wheelcahir, disability, stroll, ocean, deserted bech, sunshine,
Beach wheelchair, Ocean, Sea sand, disabled person
Toes in water, ocean, disabled person, experience
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