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In the presence of nature, a wild delight runs through the man, in spite of real sorrows.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Welcome to Wide Open and thank you for taking the time to explore what we have to offer here in Betty's Bay, Western Cape.


Wide Open is inspired by amazing people who have a sense of adventure into the unknown and also for the sheer pleasure of feeling Alive!

The name Wide Open is just about these powerful words –no limitations, no matter what our challenges are, on whatever we do on our time on this planet. To keep ourselves available at all times for every gift around each corner and by doing this we give ourselves the Permission to Play!


Our aim is to bring you some Soul Food and to share our beautiful environment we are surrounded bin, to immerse oneself into the pure beauty of plants, ocean and mountains.  


Wide Open offers a range of fun wheelchair friendly and accessible activities which connects you to our environment in order to experience the pure beauty of the Overberg, here in the Western Cape. 

  • Accessible 

  • Wheelchair friendly

  • Unique experiences

  • 'Going Slowly' experience


As we are all unique Be-ings on this planet, we each need to be heard to make sure our hearts sing. So through open discussion let us make your experience work for You!


Let us collaborate and make your accessible experience in the Overberg truly wonderfully playful!

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  Outdoor Adventures  

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Beach Experience 

A 4x4 trip to a quiet beach for a picnic, to float in gentle waves, a gentle walk along a deserted beach or throw in a line to catch your dinner!

Just to touch, smell and feel the ocean or just to
catch some sunrays is food for the Soul!

Leave the logistics to us and we will arrange it all, as long as you remember to
bring your hat!

experiencing the ocean, crab, beach experience

Ancient Forest

We have the ideal all terrain wheelchair for you to experience the magic of Platbos Forest
Reserve. This ancient and unique lowland Afromontane forest has some true giants nestling
among the younger trees. Meet the Elders of this Forest.

For a full list of our adventures,

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+27 789901348

 Robyn Simmons

Aristea Rd, Betty's Bay

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